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Over compensating in life and how it could impact your trading

In life we overcompensate for emotional voids we had in our pasts. Let's say you were neglected emotionally as child your feelings were never acknowledged. When you become an adult if you did not address this you are more than likely to overcompensate some way or another in your adult life. Whether being emotionally dependent in a relationship or being the same exact way to you off-springs, even neglecting and not acknowledging feelings of your friends, families, or strangers. Let's say you worked on your that trauma from your past and overcompensated by giving your full self away in a relationship, or as a parent and you neglect you own needs. This becomes a never ending cycle. This ties into trading; revenge trading really connected with overcompensating in life. When you have lost two consecutive trades in a row and they were pretty big losses you didn't stick to your rules. The next trade you put on will probably be oversized then you don't follow your rules , you are OVER COMPENSATING for those losses. It is like putting band-aide on the real problem and it never ends well, your emotions are all over the place which can put a dent in your perspective and the way you view things (charts) at the time it's kind of like you are activating you bodies fight or flight response. In life when you emotions are high or you referred to as a (crisis) it is best to step back take 3 deep breaths, evaluate and look at where you wen't wrong. If it is an emotional crisis situation in your life apart from trading you have to do the same thing; deep breathe and take a step back YOU HAVE TO CALM DOWN. This is a part of the psychological aspects of trading if mastered in our lives outside of trading we can be dangerous winners in the Market. Working on you emotional needs, positive self talk, being aware of you strengths and weaknesses can impact your life tremendously. If we can learn to manage our emotions, we can be profitable in this life in all aspects :)

- Mind of Mila Love you all :)
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