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Must Watch: New Boxing Documentary

"One More Round" is a documentary that you probably haven't heard about yet and you need to because it is worth the watch.

One More Round is a timeless tale about family, boxing, moments of glory, the mafia, betrayal, missed opportunities, and reflections about what might have been.

No one gave Casale a chance against “Street Animal” Bobby Halpern, a leg-breaker for the mob who’d devastated opponents inside the ring and did hard time outside of it.

But “The Rock” shook up the boxing world with a devastating third round knockout in Madison Square Garden which left Halpern motionless on the canvas for three full minutes. Described by boxing historian Ted Sares as the most brutal KO he’d ever witnessed.

The story is about the original Guy "Rock" Casale who had a tough upbringing in Newark, New Jersey. Fought his way into contention to battle for the Heavyweight Championship of the world. Then the people closest to him, his father and trainer, saw an opportunity and took advantage of what Guy Casale worked so hard for.

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