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*ANNOUNCEMENT* New Vlog/Blog Series

Once 4:00 PM EST on Friday May 28th hit, and the final bell rang before the long Memorial Day Weekend, it hit me. This was the toughest week of trading in my life, and it was all caused by me.

I am extremely new to trading in the grand scheme of things. I just started trading in February of this year and have really improved, but this week my stubborness got the best of me. I also started doubting myself and questioning everything that I saw on the charts. Every movement, every volume confirmation, or pattern, or fib level, felt like was doing the opposite of what I have learned or expected. It got to the point that I was also looking for the psychological moves that were expected, or trying new TA like elliott waves.... it got ugly.

Then it hit me...

The finance and trading world is really difficult to get into, especially if you do not have a traditional business or finance background. It can be intimidating which is why I started this site and community, to make a place where those types of people can feel comfortable with asking questions.

I also have not seen anyone show the good, bad, ugly and down right gruesome side of learning how to trade. I am talking from the first time you start to learn and have interest, to the good first lucky trade where you think you are invincible, to full porting and losing $7,000 in a day after just making it (yes that was me this week).

This new series is going to give you an inside look at what this process is like.

Introducing "Day Trading Diaries"

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