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You Do NOT Want To Mess Woth John Buccigross

When I think of John Buccigross, I think of sportscenter anchor. Well spoken, funny, and intelligent guy that has blessed our airwaves for years.

He is now hosting the NHL version of NFL RedZone called the Frozen Frenzy.

Then when I was watching The Pat McAfee show, this guy showed up on screen.

What a bad ass. Bucci rocking the Scally Cap, wife beater, and tatted up with a Dunkin coffee.

He looks like a member of the mob right now. You do not want to see him on the Jersey Turnoike with the Sopranos theme song playing. You do not want to owe this bookie any money because this guy will show up at your doorstep.

I was absolutely shell shocked when I saw this. Not gonna lie I am absolutely intimidated by this dude right now.

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