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Why Is #AMCSqueeze Trending Right Now?

Everyone knows the meme stock/wallstreetbets/retail trader bullshit a while back where "retail traders" pushed the stock price of GME and AMC through the roof, and essentially screwed over a ton of hedge funds.

Since then the 'big money' has definitely tried to destroy the idea that a bunch of people on reddit could influence a stock this much without them knowing it. They were beaten at their own game for once, which was great, but now we are seeing this #AMCSqueeze trending on twitter again... what exactly does it even mean?

There are a bunch of theories being thrown out there left and right:

- Hedge Funds are short selling and egging retail on to try and moon it

- Retail is actually trying to push it

- Market Makers are influencing expiring contracts tomorrow

The list goes on and on, but Bank of America increased their short position on AMC a few weeks back... Then one guy, Cliff Asness, who is a hedge fund manager, came out and that he "dares all the meme stock maniacs to try and hurt us". OH SHIT HERE WE GO

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