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Who Is Lying? FTX? Robinhood? Both?

This face is the face of someone who farts in class, and then blames it on someone else because he got caught and can't admit to it.

FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, says there is no active M&A conversations happening with Robinhood currently. All this happening after $HOOD rose +14% today in the market after Bloomberg dropped an article saying that FTX was actually exploring the idea of acquiring the trading platform.

Vlad, the CEO of Robinhood has always been a tad "sketchy" in his business dealings. We all remember when you could not withdraw or trade GME and AMC during the memestock days... Then he completely denied anything to do with this or Citadel or anything else in an interview with Dave Portnoy.

Personally, I think this Vlad character is looking to find a quick payday to get out, whatever way possible that is. Never really trusted him or the Robinhood app from the beginning, and when these two companies are both saying and doing contradictory things, someone is lying.

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