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What We Should Have Been Taught In School...

For some reason this is the first time I am hearing about this and it amazes me that this is not required more across the country.

Michigan is only the 14th state to mandate personal finance and its requirement at a high school level. At first I was shocked that more states have no implemented this type of requirement, but then I realized how far behind the school system is compared to everything else in our society.

Personal finance should be apart of that educational preparation and a financial literacy class will familiarize students with key financial concepts, helping them understand how to handle their personal budgets. - Rep. Diana Farrington R-Utica

When I was going through high school we were still having cooking classes and woodshop classes, which I thought were more important to learn as basic skills than things like calculus. For some reason though, the applicable classes stopped there, and did not go further into personal finance, or even how to balance a checkbook. Those are the types of things that should be taught as you are growing up in our country so that you are put in a place to succeed in the real world when you graduate.


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