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Week of 5.15.22 - Golden Goose Fib Lines

So every Sunday night I go on TradingView and start to mess around with putting together some fib line sets to see what may work for the week.

The way I have approached the Golden Goose Strategy is a bit different than the Kane Capital guys (who I highly recommend checking out). They are the OG's of this strategy, but my approach has been more focused on finding ways to utilize this strategy on an intraday trading level.

There are a few things that I do when making fib lines for the GG Strat.

1) Go to the 30m or 1hr timeframe

2) Look for the most recent extreme move

3) Use a shared common point of origin for both fib lines that you use


Here are three possible sets of fib lines for TSLA this week:




Keep that Goose Loose

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