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$TSLA In Interesting Spot + 8/2 Levels

You can see that on the chart for the last 5 trading days that TSLA has obviously been trending upwards. Today was the first day that it got some resistance from a key level from the daily chart. That resistance level at 923.79 has been very prominent since early February.

The last two times that TSLA tried and failed to break through that level, there was a drastic fall off following the next few days. I am not sure if this is what could happen next, but it is very possible since TSLA finished 8/1 trading day below the psychological level of 900.

Another interesting thing to note on TSLA is that on the daily chart, the daily candle for today ended up confirming below VWAP, could be signaling a potential reversal.

For 8/2 these are my levels:

Bull Zone: 907-914

Target 1: 921

Target 2: 937

Target 3: 944

Bear Zone: 879-872

Target 1: 866

Target 2: 849

Target 3: 842

I do like the thought of TSLA coming down to test a few key levels at 886ish and 860.

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