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This goose fucks doesn’t it?

Anyway, if you haven’t learned about the golden goose strategy that is because it is a bit unique in that the fact that it is new, and unorthodox. It originally was found by the Kane Capital founder Coach Dipka.

I have taken this strategy and added some wrinkles of my own that fit my style a bit. Psychology is something I really like implementing into my trading so the Fibonacci retracement is a huge part of this strategy.

What I look for is to trade with the trend, so since TSLA has been trending down the past few days, I wanted to see a rejection, with some certainty.

Below you will see that even premarket, yes I have found that even premarket this works, TSLA a rejected this fib level 3-4 times. After that and the 9 EMA trending down, I took puts.

The great thing about the golden goose is that you can use the other levels on the fib as price targets as well.

Easy 30% gain right at open.

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