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$TSLA Elliott Wave Analysis 6/14/22

The last few weeks I have been really putting in time to try and learn the Elliott Wave Theory. The main reason is because I find the psychology of trading and the stock market super interesting.

As I have been learning it though, I have realized that this can be pretty accurate, especially with the rules and fibonacci levels being so relevant and confirming/invalidating waves. The only ticker that I have been "practicing" this on is TSLA because it is a large cap ticker, and because I feel most comfortable with this stock and trading it.

Scared ya didn't I?

Just kidding, that is TSLA and the EW that I had done a few weeks ago as practice, but it is not nearly as messy as it is now... even though now that I am looking it, what has played out is kind of wild.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Where I think we are heading:

Right now if I had to put my money on anything it would be that we are in a Wave C of Wave 4 to the downside. That 680 area is going to be a key level as to what happens next for validating or invalidating the next move.

Be cautious though tomorrow because of the FOMC and what could happen with that after the Fed will tell everyone that we are going up 75-basis-points, which is what is expected, or lower. The last few FOMC have been extremely volatile. Stay flexible, stick to your rules, stay sexy.

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