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Travis Hunter + Shedeur Sanders + Coach Prime = HIM

I couldn't even start on both sides of the ball in high school football... (Where I peaked athletically)

#TravisHunter did it in FBS Power 5 debut as a 20.5 point underdog against the runner up National Champions #TCU...

110 Plays total

1 Interception

3 Tackles

11 Receptions

119 Rec Yards

*Should of had 2 more TD catches

38 of 47 Passing

510 Yards (Team Record)

4 TDs

0 INTs

Spread the ball to 3 WRs to go over 100 Yards

Colorado looked like an elite team today. The pace they played, offensive scheme was incredible, put players in positions to succeed.

Coach Prime promised they were coming, I was wrong. I thought it would take some time to build the program up. Only 4 players had playing experience going into today. FOUR! They beat the National Runner Ups from last year and beat them outright as a 3 TD underdog.

I've always been a Coach Prime believer but I will NEVER doubt him again.

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