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Tommy DeVito vs. Zack Wilson | The QB Matchup We Were Waiting For

The number of injuries that happened in the first half of the Jets Giants game is astounding.

Darren Waller was ruled our with a hamstring injury, then Tyrod Taylor was ruled out with a rib injury. So the starting quarterback for the New York Giants right now is Tommy DeVito.

The Jets got the injury bug with a few offensive and defensive linemen that got injured, and the Jets are down to their third string Center. The Giants are still in the game at halftime 7-3 because the defense is getting pressure on Wilson.

The Giants defense is being led again by Kayvon Thibodeaux who had another sack causing a fumble. Dexter Lawrence got a sack as well, and the secondary is playing extremely well. Deonte Banks, Jason Pinnock are all playing incredibly well.

Micah McFadden has continued to show that he is playing at a pretty elite level. He is all over the field, right place at the right time. He has filled in gaps on run plays, taking on lead blockers, shedding and getting tackles. Not to mention another week with a fumble recovery.

The only way in my eyes that the Giants win this game is the Defense or Special Teams scoring a touchdown on a turnover or a kicking game play. The weather plays into our favor, and will become the Saquon Barkley show in the second half.

Gano did miss a pretty crucial field goal again this week which should have the game at 7-6, but we have a chance.

It is the hope that kills you.

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