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The 'Inverse Cramer' Phenomenon Is THRIVING In This Market

If you are newer to the finance, stock market, options trading world, then you may not have heard of this 'phenomenon' that has become known as the "Inverse Cramer".

Jim Cramer is someone everyone should know, whether you are in finance or not. He has been all over the entertainment world for pretty much everything, and has been with CNBC for quite a few years now giving his analysis and commentary, not to mention, I think the guy is hysterical.

Anyway, this idea that you just fade Cramer sounds crazy right? Well, there is literally a site and ETF that tracks this down to every investment recommendation that Cramer mentions. According to Unusual Whales, shorting Cramer is +12.06% this year. THE S&P IS DOWN OVER 20%.

Can this actually be a real thing? I might have to make this a theory that we seriously look into.

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