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The Daily Degen - Tuesday, June 28th

Pretty much everything across the market faded hard today, besides energy, which closed green.

Overall today was a pretty slow news day in the market. The biggest reason for the deep retrace all day is caused by the growing concern that inflation is going to happen a lot sooner than we thought, and it is going to be a lot more difficult to control.

Warren Buffett added more to his energy sector push, getting $OXY stake to 16.4%... takeover? or takeout?

$TSLA is letting go 200 autopilot workers in CA.

Lytus Technologies, $LYT (dope name), fell over 85% for no reason at all... sketchy.

A former White House Aid testified under oath today that Trump wanted to go to the Capitol with his supporters on Jan. 6th event.

$META, TikTok, and $SNAP are facing a state senate panel in California for addicting children to their media and phones.

Elon Musk finally got the Twitter data dump. Now he just has to go through billions upon billions of lines of data to find the needle in the haystack.

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