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Tesla's Berlin and Texas Factory Are 'Gigantic Money Furnaces'

Well that is not how you want to address some of the biggest factories that your company has ramped up right now.

Apparently these two factories combined are losing "billions of dollars right now" because of supply chain issues, which in turn is making it extremely difficult to even produce their EVs. Supply chain issues have been a common theme for a long time, for a lot of different companies, and Elon went on to mention that a lot of the items and tools that they need are stuck in a port somewhere in China, which is convenient because of the COVID lockdowns...

Look I am not saying that Elon is lying about the production or that there are gigantic money pits that Tesla is offering, but I mean it has to be a little coincidental that this always happens and tends to move the market.

On top of all this, Musk announced that he is was going to reduce the entire workforce by 10%, but then increase the number of hourly employees they hire? Makes total sense, don't really see the benefit here on switching from salaried to hourly workers, unless he is trying to get people under the required minimum to be benefits eligible? That would be a wild move.

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