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Syracuse @ VTech Line Is MOVING! Get It Now!

The spread for the Syracuse @ Virginia Tech game tonight opened up at -1.5 VTech. It has jumped as high to -3, and is moving again down to -2.5.

On the surface this game is going to be a dog fight. Syracuse has had a tough ACC schedule, but has proven that they belong. While the Hokies are coming off a win against Wake Forest, but their biggest advantage tonight is that they are playing home in Blacksburg, which is arguably one of the best atmospheres in college football.

Syracuse has had a pretty stellar defense this year only allowing 22 PPG against them, and have forced 12 turnovers.

On the other hand, the Hokies offense struggles to move the ball and only averages 24 PPG offensively.

Another DΞGeN stat: Since 2005, teams are 346-253-4 when being road underdogs in larger conference games.

The breakdown of betting is 55% of the bets are coming in on Syracuse +3, but 73% of the money is on Syracuse.

Pick: Syracuse +3

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