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SPX | 9/15 | Daily Watchlist | Key Levels

Be careful today as yesterday had a lot of indecision ending with a doji candle on the daily. The volume was higher than the average over the past few weeks yesterday, but there was a lot of selling power as well, so the indecision is verified.

I said yesterday that there could be a day of relief after a big move, and that is what eventually happened in the last hour of the day.

On the hourly timeframe, SPX touched the 9 EMA at the end of the day and got some rejection. It is consolidating in between these levels from 3945 and 3913. I would expect a decent move today either towards 3998 or 3886 area at some point.

Bull zone: 3962-3978

Target 1: 3993

Target 2: 4028

Target 3: 4043

Bear zone: 3902-3887

Target 1: 3872

Target 2: 3836

Target 3: 3822

Golden Goose Fibs:

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