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New "Barstool Finance" After Acquisition

I was scrolling across Twitter today when I came across a suggested page and profile called, "Barstool Finance". I was shocked to see this because 1, I am a long time stoolie, and 2, this is right up my alley in what I have been trying to provide to the people. A new take on the young professional looking for guidance into an intimidating world.

This is amazing news for everyone in the space because I honestly think that there is a huge market for something like this to really find its place and do really well. With the backing of Barstool Sports, this could become huge.

This is the first time that I have come across The Water Coolest, but it looks amazing. The free newsletter (which I already signed up for) and website have been around for over four years now. They have been a unreal audience, and the sole contributor was Tyler Morin for that entire time. Every morning at 6 AM EST you get an email with a newsletter that will take less than 5 minutes to read and have what you need to know for the market that day.

The market for this is huge, and their first podcast episode came out on June 12th, so I am excited to see what Tyler and Large Barstool, who has a lot of experience in the financial world, have to offer. The podcast "The Family Office" has a great premise where they are both putting together a couple thousand dollars, and investing it. You as the viewer are along for the ride.


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