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NASA Footage Shows An Underwater 'Sharkcano'

Ummmm What? I am absolutely terrified of the ocean. I don't know exactly what it is about the ocean that terrifies me other than the fact that it is an endless abyss of unknown with zero sound and only like 4% of it has been discovered by humans... Ya no thanks.

Now there are sharks that apparently have mutated from a fucking volcano to help them cope with the extreme conditions cause by it. Thanks a lot NASA, we already have Monkeypox, a recession, and COVID to worry about still.

A NASA satellite has captured the moment a massive underwater volcano erupted in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. - source

Nothing like really putting confidence in everyone who wants to go to the Jersey Shore for MDW... sick.

Apparently the environment should not be inhabitable but there are sharks and fish that are in this super-heated sulfer-infused acidic waters... Sounds like these sharks are basically big puppies at this point...

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