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Most Surprising Thing About My Trading Journey To Date:

The biggest surprise of my Trading Journey so far:

I am in the best headspace while trading now vs in the past, but my days/results/gains/losses are much smaller than what I used to play.

1) I scaled down dramatically to play $SPY vs $SPX

2) I take 20% immediately after its hit, and let the other runner run while setting trail stop so I dont have to worry about it

3) If I take a trade and it goes red 20% I am not degen holding to see if it turns around

4) Dont get me wrong I love my DΞGeN 0DTE, I still play them, but I try to buy some time with exp dates

By scaling down, I am using less buying power so I can continue to enter trades throughout the day if the setup is there vs. only being able to do 1-2 contracts of $SPX I am not banking on one trade to make my day.

I have really come to terms with the idea of brick by brick, which I preach, but didnt necessarily practice until recently. Take green when you see it, keep your red days smaller.

My average green days now are maybe $75-$250 and keeping red days under $100. This month I have had 4 red days, but they have been smaller. Yes my account isn't blowing up a couple grand a week, but its getting bigger... (thats what she said)

Everyone's journey is different but after a year and a half, I feel like I am consistently happy with my strategy, plays, risk management, happy with taking the gains everyday, but most importantly the mental side of it is there, I am not stressing about buying big contracts, I am scaling in and out for my account.

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