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Mindful Monday: Reviewing 10/24

Last night I posted an article about the SPX potential double top and what I felt were going to be significant levels throughout the day and the week.

I am thinking calls above 3770 and puts below 3720ish

^^ This right here is exactly what I posted last night. To be honest, this might be the first time that I actually played and listened to my own rules.

1) Don't trade first 15 minutes of the day

2) Play off your key levels

3) Stick to your plan

Here is the day on the minute timeframe.

I entered into calls on SPX right on this retest of this key level 3756 and that 5 minute candle confirmed above 3770, which was my trigger for the day to get into calls.

After that, I just rode the wave up throughout the day for some solid gains.

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