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Mayweather Vs. McGregor 2

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor rematch is getting close and close to happening.

Apparently the two are 'very close' to a deal being made, but are now arguing over fight rules?

"Conor will only take the fight providing Floyd is willing to put his professional record on the line - so the fight will not be an exhibition. It will be at 155lb. That's what we know so far." - Source told The Sun

The two have agreed on a lot of other parts of the deal including the potential payouts and personal terms. Other area's are still being worked out like the number of rounds, but the deal is close...

I don't care if you are a boxing fan or not, this is entertainment. Floyd is arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and definitely the best showmen in boxing history. He is fine with being the bad guy, he plays his part, and he wants to sell tickets, which he does.

These two have a mutual bond, and that bond is making bread. If they can get this done, they will and it will be the biggest PPV boxing fight in history, hands down.

I really hope this happens.

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