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JMU Is The Best College Sports Program In The Country

James Madison University has been making waves early on in the college football year. They are ineligible for a bowl because they moved up from FCS to FBS last year. They are 10-0 and are ranked in the Top 25, along with College GameDay coming to town this weekend for the App State game.

On top of that, JMU Men's Soccer has beaten the number one team in the country.

Then in the first game of the college basketball year, JMU took down #4 Michigan State IN EAST LANSING.

JMU has become "America's Team" for college sports. Everyone is rooting for them and wants to be able to play in the Sun Belt Championship and a New Years 6 game in college football.

In my lifetime I never thought I would see the day we're JMU is ranked in the Top 25 for both football and basketball. What a time to be alive.

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