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I Lost It All -$21,000

This is a tough post to write, especially after dropping a article where I made $10,000 in a day. What I said on day one was that I was going to be completely transparent with everyone on this site because I believe that is how I and everyone can get better at trading and becoming more financially independent.

How did it happen?

The first mistake I made was trading while I was traveling, I was driving out to PA for a golf outing with my brother who was visiting, and I kept trying to trade while traveling and golfing. First mistake. HUGE.

Second, not following or setting stop losses while I was away. I thought I did it automatically, but on my app on my phone I did not have the same setup as I do on my desktop.

Three, after losing trades, I kept chasing the losses with trying to average down and then chasing gains, even though I wasn't following my main rules, which is trading with the trend, and don't chase.

The hardest part about this was I knew what I was doing and I still could not stop myself from doing it. It was a tough pill to fucking swallow I will tell you that, but I got $600 to $21,000 in less than 10 trading days, so I know I can do it again. Just need to continue to stick to my rules and get back into it. I know this is something I can do, and something I am good at. I just need to perfect my craft, and fuck maybe this is something that I needed to go through. To learn.

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