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I Keep Questioning My Own Plays

I have put in a ton of effort and time into studying options and day trading over the last six months, and over the last two trading days, Friday and Monday (today) I have started to question my own TA.

Why am I doing this? I had a green week until Friday last week, and today I should have been green, or should have followed my rules and didn't. I feel like an idiot for this right now.

I even wrote a blog about how I thought there would be a rally on Friday, and then loaded up on puts? (pictured below) Why? It is infuriating.

Then today at open I had the TA set up where TSLA rejected a major zone and Golden Goose fib line THREE TIMES, and on the reversal, took calls for some reason.

I added calls in these two places, thinking they were set up for a rally or at least a bounce of some kind. Then nothing happened.

1) I am losing a lot of confidence in myself right now and my trading ability for some reason.

2) The trading strategy that I am using keeps changing, or I keep changing what I value most in my trading strategy. If I am not consistent on that, I do not know why I think I will be consistent in my trades.

I swung calls today so we will see if they work out, could blow up the account again being the DEGEN THAT I AM.

Stay sexy.

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