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I Am A Greedy Piece Of Sh!t

This is apart of the Degen Small Port Challenge Series, Update #9 I think... I don't even care right now that is how angry and annoyed I am with myself.

Today was like any other day. I was charting pre-market, around 9:00 AM EST, and said to myself "let me look at my notes I have for myself before the day gets started." So I did:

This was posted 17 hours ago on the blog:

Right there Ryan, you moron, you knew what you were going to do and you did it anyway. I was playing my usual SPX zero day contracts scalping here and there. Ended up doing well in the morning... and played my levels and my TA perfectly.

I had one bad trade but listened to my own rules and cut my losses early:

AND THEN IT HAPPENED, THE PERFECT SETUP WAS CALLING MY NAME. The 9 crossed below the 21 EMA, got increasing volume, got resistance from a previous key level at 4164, and got resistance from the 21 EMA. Plus the Golden Goose Strat came into play and rejected this fib, gave me a double top and not to mention the TTM was turning red...

I took a 4140 Put there for $6.90 (nice). Set a hard stop loss at 4160 and let it go. As you see it came down perfectly to my target of 4140. I was in the money. I was up a couple hundred on 1 trade. I should have been done at 10:35 AM EST. BUT MY GREEDY ASS AND DEGEN SELF TOOK OVER.

I thought about the $4,000 I missed out on yesterday and then... said to myself "I want more".

Next thing you know I am glued to my screens, watching the TA, watching the chart. Making sure I can get a little bit more juice out of the squeeze... then it happened. It reversed.... BUT it came back down a second time, and I have no idea for the life of me why I thought it was going to hit the next leg down, it was in a reversal zone... and just held.... like a idiot.

Don't be like me - Green Days Add Up.

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