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Giving The Test Before It Start On $TSLA | 8/3 Key Levels

On Monday night I wrote out exactly what happened yesterday, saying that TSLA would test 886ish and then bounce... which it did. You are welcome.

I still like those key levels on the daily of 923 and 886 and it consolidated in between those two levels yesterday.

TSLA does have a similar setup as SPX in the fact that it has confirmed below VWAP, but it was on lowering volume... even though on Monday it got a big uptick on volume with a major rejection of that 923 and 939 level. There is also a bit of a bull flag forming here at this point. Honestly today could be another consolidation day before it decides to make a move again.

Play your levels, follow your rules and trade with the trend. Stay sexy out there.

$TSLA Key Levels 8/3: Bull zone: 917-924

Target 1: 930

Target 2: 946

Target 3: 953

Bear zone: 891-884

Target 1: 877

Target 2: 862

Target 3: 854

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