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Giants Had A GREAT Sunday, And They Play on Monday Night

The New York Giants play the Packers on MNF at MetLife Stadium. I'll be there in attendance for the biggest game since they clinched a playoff spot last year against the Colts.

Even though they play tomorrow, the Giants had a great Sunday.

Whether you were scoreboard watching for a long-shot playoff bid or draft standing, today couldn’t have gone much better for the Giants.

They moved up two spots in the draft order to No. 5 with the wins by the Bears and Jets.

On the flip side, the losses by the Rams and Seahawks mean the Giants could be within a game of the No. 7 seed in the NFC with a win tomorrow night.

And the cherry on top is the second-round pick from Seattle in the Leonard Williams trade is now slated at No. 44. The Seahawks are 1-5 since that trade.

What a Sunday. See you tomorrow night.

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