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Gambling Gods are REAL | Down Bad

What a fall from grace. Yesterday I was cruising. Made a new video today to brag about my picks in College Basketball. Loved the slate. Sharp money. Every betting cliche in the book. Just to get shit on.

Yesterday I was on fire. 8-0 +414.72

Started off with Penn being down 8 (when they had to cover 6.5) with the ball and 11 seconds left. Their inbound play was the hail Mary fucking pass... That hit no one and went out of bounds to the other end line... Game over no cover.

From there I knew it was going to be a massacre. UTSA had no chance all game. Duke then shit the bed with no IQ with 8 seconds left down three, the kid went in for a layup... Come on.

Wisconsin did not play like Big Ten Basketball and hit the over with ease. It was bad all around.

Missouri looked good in the first half and then couldn't buy a bucket. They were up 33-26 at halftime!

They scored 22 points in the 2nd half. 22 POINTS. THEY WENT 6/28 From 3! Lost by what felt like 20.

As it stands right now we are down -$204 today

So of course I did what any DΞGeN would do and start throwing NBA player props out the ass for the late games.

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