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Fun Fact For TNF DΞGeN Game Pick | Bucs @ Bills

The Bills have come off two tough weeks where they faced a very undermatched Giants team, with Tyrod Taylor at QB and an abysmal offensive line. They ended up with a 14-9 Win that has as asterisks because Darren Waller was held on the last play of the game in the endzone... but that conversation is for another day.

They followed that up with a loss to the Patriots... yes the PATRIOTS and Mac Jones who griddied all over them after throwing the game winning touchdown to Gesicki.

The percentage of bets are 65% on the over 43.5 and 62% of the money is on the over as well. BUT, here is a fun fact for you DΞGeNs out there... the UNDER is 585-442-9 since 2003 when winds reach double digits and the temperature is above freezing....

Well the weather tonight in Buffalo is supposed to be around 65 degrees, with 10-12 MPH winds.

Even though this "system" hits about 57% of the time, both the Bucs and Bills defense are extremely good and the Bucs defense is going unnoticed it feels like this year because they aren't as "flashy" as they once were when Brady was at QB. They haven't had the coverage that they used to have. If they learned from the Giants and Patriots, they can get to Josh Allen and make him force some throws, it could be another low scoring night for the Bills.

Baker Mayfield on the other hand has exceeded all expectations and has been playing great. The Bills defense is going to have to disrupt him a bit and cause some turnovers.

Pick: Under 43.5

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