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Random thought but I find it so crazy how as children most of us weren't taught how to handle our emotions correctly.

Of course most things I relate to trading, but if you can't handle your emotions out of the market then don't you think your emotions in the market will reflect your day to day life emotions? Anger, frustration, rage, seclusion can all lead to some form of depression. If you can learn to handle these emotions outside of trading as in recognizing them when they happen and addressing these emotions in a positive way, I feel you are more likely to not allow the market to get you in a depressive state. I also find it crazy that we are now adults so the only person who suffers the consequences of negative emotions is ourselves so it is our duty is get our emotions under control. Easier said than done of course but if we try a little more every day we can become better. I think it is good to start with self-awareness, notice when these emotions are happening and how you respond. Then you can find positive ways to address these emotions.

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