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Degen Gambling - NBA Finals Game 3 (Game, Player Props)

Game 1 we watched something that I do not remember seeing happen in a long time, the Warriors were outhustled, outplayed, outcoached all around. We are watching Jayson Tatum become one of the greatest players in the league, not that he hasn't been already, but he is getting to that upper tier of "greats". He has a wild combination of KD athleticism and shot creating, with Kobe's hustle, drive, and tenacity. It is pretty special to watch.

Game 1 ended in a 120 - 108 win by the Boston Celtics.

Game 2 ended in a 107-88 win by the Golden State Warriors

In game 2, we saw much of the old Warriors back with the help from their other starters, including Poole, who is low key a huge X-factor in this series.

Tonight, the finals head back to Boston, where the Garden is going to be in full force. The Celtics have not lost two games in a row this post-season, but during Game 2, it seemed like their legs were starting to go after having two 7 game series so far in this playoff run.

I think the Celtics are going to put up a fight for two and a half quarters, but I think the Warriors have finally hit their stride after having a longer break after the conference finals.

Celtics are favored by -3.5

My pick: Warriors ML +125

Player Props:

K. Thompson - Over 2.5 3's

D. Green - Over 21.5 pts, rbs, assts


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