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Degen Beginner Port Challenge: Update #5

Today is Friday July 29th and I actually felt like I put together a decent few days. The port recovered from having to reload another $500 on Tuesday, but we are back at $1,700 with a few $500 days back to back on Thursday and Friday. THE JERSEY KID IS BACK.

The thing that has really helped me out the most is writing down right at closing bell the feedback that I had for myself that day, good or bad. Most of it has been bad recently, but I have been having to consistently tell myself to NOT HOLD ONTO LOSERS. That is literally hurting my port and what is causing it to crumble. Since I have fixed that and taken smaller loses, the port is growing.

GREEN DAYS ADD UP. I don't care how green you are or not, as long as you are green that is a W. Some highlights this week were a few 100%+ and 200%+ calls that I made in a few of the discords that I call out in.

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