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Degen Beginner Port Challenge: Day 7

I think we have finally hit our stride, I don't want to get cocky or over confident, but the past seven days have felt really good trading.


I have said this a few times this past week, but I really do believe that no matter what your day looks like, even if you are green $1, it was a success. Today I played only $SPX and went 7/7 on trades ending in a +$965 day.

There have been a few reasons why this has been a good week and 5 straight days of being green:

  • Following the rules

  • Scaling in and out, buying at least two contracts

  • Adjusting stop losses accordingly to take gains or break even on runners

  • Trading with the trend only

  • Not trying to find the top or bottom of a reversal

  • Not chasing any gains

  • Having at least 3 pieces of confluence to make a trade

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