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Degen Beginner Port Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 - 7/21/22

Starting Balance: $1,683

Ending Balance: $2,481


Had a good day but there were a few things that really stood out to me that I think made a difference, but there were definitely some areas that were red flags still:

  • I did not trade right at open when I have in the past

  • All of my old drawings, zones, fibs were cleared on my TradingView which made me take a clean, new look at each chart

  • I tried to not have a direction bias prior to trading

  • Waited for smart setups with confidence in all of my trades

    • Pattern traded on key level, flags, double bottoms, wedges

    • Added Camarilla Pivots to my Golden Goose method and fib lines which really helped

    • Waited for a ton of confirmation with EMA, Volume, support, MACD

  • Definitely still held onto contracts longer than I should have, did not make a stop loss which is stupid

Below is a breakdown of my trades throughout the day

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