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Degen Beginner Port Challenge: Day 2

Got absolutely crushed on this day.

Day 2 - 7/19/22

Starting Balance: $1,350

Ending Balance: $20


  • On 7/18 did not leave a runner and lost up to $6,000 on an SPX contract.

  • Today I definitely chased those gains

  • Had a put bias before going into the day

    • Was a full green day on SPX

    • SPX rode 9 EMA all day

    • Didn't cut losses or listen to my own rules, degen held like the piece of shit I am

  • Kept adding puts thinking it was going to reverse... it didn't

All gains died with a little bit of myself today.

Morale of the story on day 2 I had to reload my account and add $500 to it so I could continue trading.

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