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Darrell Brooks Going For Mistrial?

Just like everyone else lately on TikTok or Twitter, you have been getting bombarded with the trial of Darrell Brooks. He is the man that killed six people in Waukesha during a Christmas parade.

Now this man is guilty, zero doubt in anyones mind, but the trial has gotten out of hand.

  1. He is representing himself - he does not have any formal legal education (neither do but I am not on trial for murder)

  2. He is claiming "sovereign citizenship" - which basically means he believes that he is above the law and the judicial system is one big conspiracy. This is why you heard him say he does not consent to be called "Mr. Brooks" during the trial.

  3. During the trial he has intimidated the Judge, prosecutors, witnesses and has gone off the rails numerous times. Yelling over the judge, and now being kicked out of the court room on numerous occasions.

Since I do not have any legal knowledge of my own, I was curious as to why he would be acting like this? Is he this self absorbed he wants his own fifteen minutes of fame? Does he believe in the sovereign citizenship? Does he actually believe he is innocent? Or is he doing this as apart of a way to cause a mistrial or plead insanity? (If that's a thing in this case)

Now the real hero of this case right now is the Judge.

Judge Jennifer Dorow is handling this unique trial with such patience and following all possible rights and procedures during this ridiculous trial and outbursts by Brooks. 14 days have gone by in this trial and she has done everything she can to make sure this does not go towards a mistrial.

Not all heroes wear capes... well I guess judges sort of do? (Extra credit for being a baddie)

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