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Daily Dose Of DΞGeN News

Think Fast, Run Fast

Aim Small, Miss Small

The great quotes of our generation actually relate to trading options. At the end of the day you are going to fail, but keep your losses small. Do not hold onto losers, take your 20% gains and build brick by brick. Scale in and out, follow your rules.

Anyway, lets get into it with what is going on around the markets going into today:

We've got more price hikes than a fancy restaurant, inflation data that's got more twists than a soap opera, and a banker turned ski resort mogul. So, fasten your seatbelts – this ride might be bumpier than the stock market!

  1. Disney's Magical Money Vacuum: Streaming Services Just Got Pricier Hold onto your wallets, folks! Disney's sprinkling some "pixie dust" on their subscription prices, magically turning $11 into $14 for Disney+ without ads. Why, you ask? Well, because why not? It's only a 27% increase, nothing to lose sleep over. Who needs a few extra bucks in their pocket anyway, right? Plus, rivaling Netflix and Amazon Prime is all in a day's work for Mickey Mouse.

  2. Inflation: The Great Mystery We All Pretend to Understand Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the grand spectacle of inflation data! Will it make the Fed sweat? Probably not. Consumer prices might just sit there, twiddling their thumbs from June. But wait, there's more! The headline number could do the cha-cha and hit 3.3% year on year from 3%. And don't forget Core CPI, doing its best limbo to edge down to 4.7%. Oh, the excitement! Who needs Netflix when you have these thrilling numbers to analyze?

  3. From Banker to Ski Bum: The Ultimate Retirement Plan Ah, yes, the classic tale of a former Citi bigwig trading in his suit for ski gear. Mike Corbat is giving Wall Street the cold shoulder by purchasing Jackson Hole Mountain ski resort. Because when you've had your fill of boardrooms and spreadsheets, what better way to spend your time than schussing down the slopes? A mogul on the slopes and in the financial world – what a multitasker!

  4. The Electric Escalade: A Shockingly Expensive Delight Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the all-electric Cadillac Escalade IQ! At just $130,000, it's practically a steal. Who needs to save for retirement when you can have a luxurious eco-friendly ride? Move over, gas-guzzlers – there's a new, electrifying player in town. Green is the new black, and it looks good on you, Escalade!

  5. AI Romance: Because Bots Deserve Love Too, Right? And in the midst of all this financial drama, let's not forget AI-powered dating platforms. Who needs human interaction when you can be serenaded by algorithms? Ghosting and harassment? They've got it all down to an art form. Who needs a genuine connection when you can have a bot whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Truly, romance has never been so mechanical.

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