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Coach Dipka's CRAZY $SPY Play

After burning in the sun all Memorial Day Weekend, I was scrolling through twitter this afternoon when I came across a tweet from Coach Dipka. Now normally when I see Coach Dipka tweet something, I take the time to really consider what he says because he is an extremely accomplished trader, at a ridiculously young age, who has basically built a cult following through Kane Capital.

He has come up with some of the greatest strategies for any level of trader, including the Golden Goose Strategy, which is perfect for a novice trader like myself.

When I first came across the tweet, I had to give it a second read because I did not really think that he was serious, but when I read it again, the guy was all in, ZERO HESITATION.

I do not consider myself a "Bear" of a trader, but even this was way out of left field for me. Don't get me wrong, this is a lotto shot for sure, but when Dipka Speaks, I listen.


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