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CheddarFlow Vs. Unusual Whales

The great debate...

When I first started getting into trading options, "flow" came up quite a bit and at first I did not really understand what it exactly meant. Then as I started to learn more and more about the market makers and 'big money', I realized how useful something like options flow could be.

Of course the two most common names that continuously came up were CheddarFlow and Unusual Whales.

Both platforms are unbelievable tools to help track option flow orders, and giving yourself the opportunity to see a great setup based on that flow. With that being said, over the last few months I have taken the opportunity to use both platforms very extensively and wanted to share some of my thoughts on them both.

User Interface:

When it comes to the interface and actual ease of use for the platform, CheddarFlow is definitely easier to use. It has a very tech forward feel to the platform and very easy to navigate.

Unusual Whales is a bit more "clunky" in the sense that you could be overwhelmed with all the information and tabs that they have on there. It definitely takes a little time to get used to it.


UW has much more information for you to use and gather throughout their platform. It is much more data driven than CheddarFlow, but CheddarFlow does give you the overall information that you need to view for the flow options.


There are not many tools to use outside of the basic needs for CheddarFlow. It does have resources that you could use in terms of unusual volume, and historical flow, but it does feel kind of limited in some senses.

UW is filled with a ton of information and tools that you can take advantage of. It has flow, options calculator, alerts, MobyDex (super interesting data), and also breaks down politicians and their investments.


Both have different level tiers, but UW is about half as expensive as CheddarFlow. CheddarFlow starts at around $88/month and UW starts around $27/month.


Personally, I feel like you get more bang for your buck with UW because of the capability of the data and the platform. As well as the use of the discord which is super helpful.

Once you get over the hump of figuring out everything on the UW, it is much easier to navigate and decipher that information. I would say that Unusual Whales is the winner for me right now.

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