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Are The New York Giants Back?

Bobby Okereke and Micah McFadden have been the two MVPs of the Giants team so far this year. Okereke is leading the team in pretty much every defensive category, and McFadden has proven himself as a ball hawk and game disruptor over the last few weeks.

Watching the Giants games have felt different since the SNF football game against the Bills where the Giants were ROBBED on the last play of the game where Darren Waller was blatantly held for pass interference, but it was not called. This past Sunday the Giants beat the Commanders 14-7, but should have been a blowout. There were numerous points in the game that points should have been scored, ie Gano missed field goal, Kayvon's dropped pick six, etc.

However, the game felt different watching. The defense was getting pressure, they had 6 sacks and were constantly putting Howell in an uncomfortable position.

The offensive line was surprisingly suitable for Tyrod Taylor and we relied on the playmakers which was great to see for a change. Saquon, Waller, and even signs of Hyatt were heavily relied on and targeted. Taking shots down field was not something that the Giants did in previous weeks and it made a difference in the whole flow of the game. Tyrod looks really good and we are lucky to have him as our backup QB.

Honestly, I could see the Giants getting to 4-5 over the next few weeks if they can win this weekend against the Jets, and then next weekend they take on the Raiders. Both are winnable games.

Thank god for Justin Pugh, what an absolute legend and Giants alum coming back and stepping into this beaten line and making great plays for the squad and also adding to the locker room.

I have always said it is the hope that kills you, but being 2-5 feels a lot different this week. Giants are only 1.5 games behind a Wild Card spot, so I am all the way bought back in.

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