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When I saw this headline I almost shit myself because this is exactly the type of headline Cramer would throw out there.

1) I love Cramer, I think what he does is great for the market, but also makes it interesting to get some knowledge

2) Clickbait for days and I love every second of it

We’re going to have rolling bottoms just like we had rolling tops. As long as you know how to identify the signs, you’ll be able to spot them ahead of time and figure out how aggressive you should be and how much money you can possibly make

When you actually go into the details of the article and what he actually says, it makes some sense. There are a few major things that need to happen to really have this idea of a bull market within a bear market thing to work.

1) Stablizing Oil prices (duh) but important for both buyers and sellers
2) Food inflation needs to end
3) Unemployment could rise, which in turn would lower demand and give some room for growth economically
4) Watch the advance-decline line as it can be a good indicator of the overall market direction
5) Have some mergers take place that are successful

Ya "Bullearish" is a thing now. Cop the merch

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