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6 Days Ago... Nostradamus?

I wrote this blog 6 days ago, talking about what I thought the market was going to do over the next few days and weeks.

Specifically talking about this channel trendline at the top of this chart here.

Fast forward to today and this is what we are looking at now.

"I think we need to test 4014-4078 range before the next move down. "

Our high since that post has been around 4034 area, meaning that we confirmed this move to some extent before another leg down.

The next few areas of interest are the gap made from today at 4012, as well as the gap below that still needs to be filled at 3860.

There is also this channel of a trendline that is worth keeping an eye on as well. This consolidating triangle here should be tested at some point. Now that I am looking at this now too, the 9/21 EMA crossed to the downside at close today.

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