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5/27/22 Golden Goose Fibs

As you know by now, with the help of the Kane Capital guys and Coach Dipka who have come up with the Golden Goose Strategy, I have been utilizing it on an intraday level.

The only difference between what I do and what they do with the strategy is to try to give yourself more opportunities to make trades on a intraday level. So I look at smaller timeframes, like the 1 hr or 30 min timeframes vs the 4 hr or daily.

This week has been tough for sure, one because I have been a DEGEN PIECE OF SHIT, holding onto losers, but also because there have been new lows, new highs, big swings, and I am not sure how to handle the fibs once things like that happen. Since there was a new low on TSLA, I decided that I am going to redraw fibs on the hourly timeframe and go from a new swing as a origin point. Having a common shared origin for fibs has seemed to be working for me, so we are going to stick with it!


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