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10/29/23: #NFL parlay. Ladder to +100 U continues. YTD: +15U

Good morning everyone:

3 PARLAY hit so far for +12.5 Units. Yesterday's parlay busted BUT... live bet betting for OVER KD assists, under PRA for Tyler Herro covered it up and more(as well as the over 214.50 UTAH/SUNS).

Total YTD: +15 Units:

#NFL bankroll builder:

Statistical plays based on 80% HIT rate, L5+, some cases 100% opponent hit rate. Combining it with a buffer to parlay it into +267:

Cousins 200+ yards

Mattison 25+ rushing yards

Hurts 200+ yards

Tua 200+ yards

Tony Pollard 40+ yards rushing

Mahomes 225+ passing yards

CMC 40+ yards rushing

Herbert 225+ passing yards

Will make individual line bets too.

Not financial advice. Follow at your own risk.

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