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10/27/23- Parlay Builder(Bank Roll) continues. 2/2 so far

After hitting a HUGEE +678 yesterday and a +275 before, we are building bank roll for PARLAY #3 this year.

#NBA season continues. Very early on, lot unknowns so i like to start "safer" side with my stat line based on prop information and match-ups.

This is a 8 LEG parlay: USE FD boost (50%) if you have it. +120 to +240.

SHAI 20+ points--> Successful last 10/10, game 1 this year already 30+

Evan Mobley 6+ rebounds--> Over last 9/10, and plays physical

Sabonis 8+ rebounds--> Warriors are smaller BUT have some size(unknown at this time impact long term but Sabonis plays hard). **HIGH RISK in parlay**

Chris Paul 6+ assists--> Last 9/10 over, game 1 had rough shooting but still looked to give the ball. This is why they brought him in.

Nikola Jokic 8+ rebounds--> MVP. 3X double machine. Do i need to say more?

Murray over 23.5 PRA--> last 9/10, has hit the OVER. Playing against the knicks. More rebounds IMO , less points. Assists depends on Trae.

Vucevic over 23.5 PRA--> his line is 28.5, has hit the over 24 last 10/10. I playing it safe for early in season.

Simmons 4+ rebounds--> Pre season and game 1, looks healthy. Playing like simmons of old


Lets ride #gang

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